Friday, July 5th, 2024


2 ton electric chain hoist

2-Ton Budgit BEH0204 electric chain hoist with 15′-0 lift at 4FPM single speed. Lug mount with power trolley, 60 FPM single speed. Includes all controls and pushbutton pendent. Line voltage 460/230 3PH Hoist and trolley are new old stock, never installed or used.


1100lbs 0.5Ton Electric Chain Hoist Winch with13ft 20Mn2 Chain 110V Remote Control

0.5Ton 1100lbs Electric Chain Hoist Winch w/13ft 20Mn2 Chain 110V Remote Control. Heavy objects, especially irregular objects, are hard to lift while costing lots of manpower. So an efficient lifting machine is necessary. A pure copper motor with high power (1300W) and a sturdy chain made of 20Mn2 ensure aRead More