Friday, September 8th, 2023


1 Ton Electric Chain Hoist 2200lbs Electric Crane Hoist 10ft Lift 1.3kw 2.5m/Min

2200LBs/1Ton Electric 118 Lift Chain Hoist Single Phase Hoist Crane+10FT Chain Product Parameters: Product Size: 503040cm (19.6911.8115.75inch) Gross Weight: 35kg (77.2lb) Material: Pure Copper Motor, Alloy Steel Hook, G80 Chain Load Chain Diameter: 6.3mm (0.25inch) Power: 1.3KW Voltage: 110V Hoisting Speed: 2.5m/Min (98inch/Min) Hosting Height: 3m (118inch) Chain Number: DoubleRead More


0.5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist with 13FT Single Chain Lifting 110V 20Mn2 1100LBS

0.5 Ton Electric Chain Hoist w/ 13FT Single Chain Lifting 110V 20Mn2 1100LBS. Heavy objects, especially irregular objects, are hard to lift while costing lots of manpower. So an efficient lifting machine is necessary. A pure copper motor with high power (1300W) and a sturdy chain made of 20Mn2 ensureRead More