Geothermal heat Pump 5 ton 2 stage Climatemaster Install Package TZV060CGD00CLTS

Left or right hand return with externall pump and copper heat exchanger. Single phase 208/230 voltage 25.2 min circuit amps 21.4 FLA. 22.4 wide X 26.0 deep X 46.5 Height 233 lbs. 1 pair of 5 port manifolds. 5 – 3/4 X 800′ coils of HDPE geo pipe. Needs ClimatemasterRead More


Geothermal heat pump 3 ton 2 stage Climatemaster Install Package TZV036BGD00CRTS

Single phase 208/230 voltage 25.2 min circuit amps 21.4 FLA 22.4 W X 26.0 D X 46.5 H 233 lbs. 2 ton 2 stage unit. Desuperheater and ECM motor/Upflow B&D QT 2 pump flow center Hose kit and fittings Thermostat (3 heat/2 cool). Interior manifold 3 rolls of 600 feetRead More


Geothermal Heat Pump Firstco 4 Ton Vertical First Co Hydrotech Made USA IN STOCK

Brand New Geothermal Heat Pump Water Source, 4 Ton Vertical, First Co. Made in the USA Firstco. First Co WSVC048N – FirstCo – 4.0 Ton Vertical Water Source Heat Pump, Cupronickel Heat Exchanger, R410A, 208/240V. Is pleased to introduce the all-new WSVX series HydroTech water source heat pump. Designed byRead More


Geothermal heat pump 5 ton Climatemaster TBW060AGC00N0CS hydronic water to water

&###xA0;Copeland High&###xA0;Efficiency&###xA0;Scroll Compressor – &###xA0;Optional Hot Water Generator- This Unit requires external flow center (not supplied). 17.3 EER 3.1 COP ground loop. Single Phase 208/230 voltage. 25.4″ W X 30.6″D X 33 H 268 lbs. Single phase 208/230 voltage 37.3 min circuit amps 30.8 FLA. We not only sell geothermal,Read More