Edwards PRB24 24-Inch Heavy Duty Press Brake Tooling for 40-Ton H-Frame Press

Make the most of your Shop Press by adding our versatile Brake Tooling. Mounted to a machined solid-steel base and pushblock, this robust tooling features heavy-duty return springs for smooth operation. Press Brake Tooling features our rugged, machined punch and 4-way die. Transform your press into a brake. What’s inRead More


New Edwards 55 Ton Iron Worker Including 9 Free Stand. Round Punch & Dies

W/ FREE ELECTRIC STROKE CONTROL. MUST SPECIFY 208V OR 230V. Includes 2 Factory installed LED Lights – improving operator visibility. MUST Contact for LEAD TIME. AND TO FIND OUT ABOUT TOOLING. & HOW TO GET 9 FREE STANDARD ROUND PUNCH & DIE SETS. This is one Great Deal from NevinsRead More